Fourth Son - eTreasures Publishing 

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21 year old Grayson has been chosen to be the next Jewel and Master of the Green Stone. The stone imparts power to control the dragons - all the dragons. As Master of the Stone, Grayson will live for 7 centuries. Bonding with the Green Stone is a torturous and necessary process. Grayson fights to escape that bonding torment and he flees from the certain anguish of losing everyone and everything that he loves over the course of 700 years.

Release Date: October 2010


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Coming Home - eTreasures Publishing

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Historical Romance Novella

While Europe faces the ensuing Battle of Waterloo, Gabrielle Anderson travels to her brother's best friend's estate. Lord Marshall Hampton opens his home to her but Gabrielle also wants his love. Gabrielle is determined to show him how she feels, but her time is shortened when Marshall is summoned to the war front. Will Gabrielle win the heart of the only man she has ever loved?

Release Date: May 2011 

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King's Heir -eTreasures Publishing

First Book in the King's Trilogy


Raised from infancy to be ignorant of his birthright and duty, Rayden is caught unawares when eventually forced into his role as king of seventeenth century Ruar. Rayden intends to refuse that unwelcome responsibility, but his most beloved and loyal companions aim to see destiny fulfilled - no matter the cost to comfort, dignity, or liberty.

Release Date: April 13, 2015

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Sword of Virtue - eTreasures Publishing

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Kidnapped as a baby, Jared lives the next twenty years unaware of his royal heritage. Eventually, perscution and torment arrive with the knowledge of his identity. The legendary, Sword of Virtue chooses Jared to wield the power of 100 mages, but Jared must first endure agonizing ordeals to prove that he has five of the seven virtues required by the Sword. The life he loved destroyed, Jared is thrown into a world for beyond anything he could imagine.

Release Date: August 2011


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Christmas Wish - eTreasures Publishing

Contempary Romance Novella

Katie Holston, raised in foster homes, wants nothing more than a family to call her own. She meets the man of her dreams in Ian Stokely. Being his five year old son's teacher, she is in a position to make her dreams come true. Kyle Stokely confides in Katie his greatest wish for Christmas. He wants his widowed father to be happy again. Ian Stokely has a different view than Katie Holston and his son, Kyle. He wishes to be left alone. Can Katie and Kyle convince Ian to live life fully again?

Release Date: December 23, 2011


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 King's Reign - eTreasures Publishing

Second Book in the King's Trilogy


Rayden is forced to live a life he never intended. As King of Ruar, he finds it is not easy to side step his responsibilities, there are too many injustices to stamp out. Not only must he strive to help the kingdom, he must face his foes, who are determined to stop him from getting what he desires most, his freedom. When turmoil between the parties escalates, Rayden's fight to forge his own destiny becomes paramount.

Release Date: April 25, 2016

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Historical Fantasy - Type in Predestined by Joy Brooks

A war looms. The Ventalum Necklace chooses Crown Prince Mitchell as the new beneficiary of its valuable teleportation powers. Can he keep his personal trauma from eclipsing his ability to lead his forces into war? If not, the Palozi Kingdom is lost.

Release Date: November 2018

Price: $26.53